April 10, 2019

How to Set Up Utilities in Your Maryland Home

How to Set Up Utilities in Your Maryland Home

If you are planning a move to Maryland, the process can be exciting and stressful. One item on your to-do list is to set up all of your utilities, and Smart Settlements is here to help! Below is a list of the utility companies you will most likely need to contact to transfer or start service if your new home is in the greater Baltimore or Washington, DC areas.


Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

Within thirty days of your move-in, you can contact PEPCo to schedule your start date. Electricity to your new residence is turned on at 8:00 am on the first day of service.

  • How to start service: Fill out the form online or call (202) 833-7500.
  • Deposit: In most cases, there is no deposit. However, if you have an outstanding PEPCo bill, previously disconnected service, delinquent payment history, or caused interference with electric service, you will pay a deposit of $100 or twice the “normal” monthly bill amount, whichever amount is less. The deposit is returned when service is properly disconnected or after 12 months of successful payments, whichever happens first.

FirstEnergy PotomacEdison

PotomacEdison provides electricity to parts of Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, and Carroll counties. View the map to see if your new home falls in its service area.

  • How to start service: Request new service online or call (888) 544-4877.
  • Deposit: PotomacEdison checks your credit score to determine whether or not a security deposit is required. Interest from the deposit is credited back to you on each month’s bill, and the deposit amount is returned after 12 consecutive months of payments (if ten or more payments were paid on-time).

Electricity & Gas

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGS)

BGS serves Baltimore City, along with parts of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Carroll, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties. Contact BGS to see if your new address is included in this territory. To have power on when you arrive, contact BGS at least three business days before the move-in date.

  • How to start service: Fill out the form online or call (800) 685-0123.

Deposit: New customers will likely pay a security deposit that equals 16.67% of the estimated annual charges for service, which is paid back to the customer after a full year of successful payments.

Natural Gas

Washington Gas

If you are moving into a gas-connected home in Maryland, you may need to use Washington Gas. If your new home does not currently use gas but you would like to add it, see availability at this website, then fill out the Service Information Request Form and follow this checklist.

  • How to start service: Fill out this online form or call (844) 927-4427.
  • Deposit: Washington Gas completes a soft credit check to determine if a deposit is required. If the home is already set up for gas, a service initiation fee is applied. For completely new gas service, there is a set-up fee for adding gas to your new home.

Water and Sewer

For the state of Maryland, the title company facilitates the transfer of service for water service in most cases. If your new residence has an inside meter, note the seven-digit water meter reading and have it available at the closing.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

WSSC’s water service stays with the property, not the resident, so a change in tenants or owners must be communicated to WSSC to update the billing information. WSSC covers most Maryland homes in the DMV, but view this map to see if your new home falls in its service area.

  • How to start service: Fill out the correct Start/Stop form online and then either email to or fax to (301) 206-8099.
  • Deposit: While no information is given about residential customers paying a deposit, there are account fees such as reconnection and property inspection. Additionally, there are flat fees for water and sewage, with usage billed in addition to those amounts.

Baltimore City Water and Waste

Residents of Baltimore City and County can contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) to arrange water service. The bill is always in the name of the owner, and access to the bill cannot be given to a tenant by the DPW. If the residence is being rented, payment arrangements need to be made between the owner and tenant.

  • How to start service: Call (410) 396-5398 for questions about the service area and to start service.

Deposit: Contact the DPW for more information about changing accounts as an owner and any applicable fees or deposits.

Cable and Internet

Verizon FIOS

As with many media companies, you save money if you purchase both cable and internet services from Verizon although many bundled packages require long-term contracts. However, ordering either standalone cable or internet is possible. If your home does not currently have FiOS, check the availability in your area.

  • How to start service: Order packages online or call (877) 225-9137.
  • Deposit: Many current promotions eliminate the deposit and set-up fees. There may be equipment rental fees added to your bill, though.

Comcast Xfinity

Like Verizon, Xfinity offers the best rates for long-term contracts that include both cable and internet. However, you can order either cable or internet as its own service. See if Xfinity is available in your area.

  • How to start service: Order your package(s) online, chat with a representative on their website, visit an Xfinity store, or call (800) 934-6489.
  • Deposit: Yes, there are typically activation and/or installation fees that range from $50 to $90, depending on what work needs to be completed. There may also be equipment rental fees added to your bill.


RCN is a media company that serves the American Northeast, including parts of Maryland. Many plans have 12-month pricing, although you do not always need to sign a contract to use RCN as a provider. As with the previous two companies, you can save money by bundling cable and internet services. See if RCN provides service in your neighborhood by looking at this list.

  • How to start service: Order online or call (800) 746-4726.
  • Deposit: A list of all applicable fees is found here.

Charter Spectrum

If you are moving to the city of Baltimore, Spectrum Internet and Cable is an option for you (view the availability map here).

  • How to start service: Shop the offers online or call (866) 892-4249.

Deposit: A soft credit check is completed for each new customer, which will determine the amount paid in the first month’s bill and installation fees.

Satellite Television

The best satellite packages typically involve 12- or 24-month contracts and often have promotional elements that expire after a certain amount of time. But many people still choose to use satellite for live and streaming television.


  • How to start service: Call (877) 660-0107.
  • Deposit: Deposits may be required for equipment.

Dish Network

  • How to start service: Order online or call (855) 587-0782.
  • Deposit: One-time fees may be required for the equipment you use.

DISCLAIMER: The information gathered here is deemed reliable as of the date of publication, but each aforementioned company has the right to change its information, rates, and processes. Contact each company for specific answers and the most updated information.

For additional information on this topic contact Evelyn Miller, Partner, at 202-753-7400.

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