The How2 Series is a series of classes designed by 2 friends (Carlos and Leo) to answer the most significant question every business professional has in their career, "How?" Today's agents often have similar questions: How do I grow my business by referral? How do I scale? How do I execute at a very high level? How do I become a better leader? The series was created to answer these questions and help real estate agents grow their business, execute their goals, and be more influential in their business and their lives.


These classes will give you the “How2” and the step by step process that you are looking for to accomplish these goals.



Triple Your Business

Our most popular class produces real results!  This class uses the Brian Buffini curriculum, but coupled with our facilitation and accountability programs in place. Agents are taught how to implement and maintain systems and processes to consistently grow and manage their real estate business. The cost for the class is for the materials only and we do not charge for our facilitation and accountability program.

Execute Your Goals

Our class with exponential results! The courses is geared towards agents that have taken our How2 Triple Your Business class and uses those strategies and tactics to complete a year-long goal in JUST 13 WEEKS! The format is based on the best-selling book, 12 Week Year, and takes advantage of our facilitators' extensive resources and knowledge to coach agents towards success! 

Be an Influential Realtor!

Building a successful real estate business isn't just about selling houses - it's about mindset, relationships, and influence. Most realtors leave influence (and opportunity) on the table every day without even knowing it. Using GiANT Worldwide tools and resources, this 8 week program will help you start to build self-awareness, create work-life balance, and customize your clients' real estate experience. Let us help you develop the mindset to go beyond the transaction to unlocking lasting influence.


Leo and Carlos’s class have not only changed my business, but changed my life. In these courses we are talking about refining our skills and getting back to basics. I bet we can all say that we “know what to do”, but how many of us can say we can wake up each day with an exact plan on “how” to do it. Since taking their classes, I have taken off in my solo career (I was on a team previously) and started on an amazing journey with my health. These classes have taught me how to execute on my day to day activities while also shooting for the stars.
— Jillian H.